Bhava Ram is an inspirational speaker on self-empowerment and the science of personal transformation.


He lectures to professional, executive, trade organizations, spiritual and new-thought audiences on a wide range of topics. A skilled presenter, his knowledge and experience in tailoring experiential lectures, workshops, and weekend seminars can be utilized to create a custom experience for your organization.


Ram is the author of the highly acclaimed memoir, Warrior Pose: How Yoga Literally Saved My Life, which details his journey from a frontline war correspondent to facing a broken back, failed surgery and stage four cancer, then ultimately healing through mind/body/spirit medicine.  

The Guru Is You

Within each of us lies an inherent power to achieve profound self-healing, overcome life’s greatest challenges, find our authentic voices, and manifest our fullest potential. The deeper practices of Yoga Science offer us a time-tested pathway and pragmatic tools to access our “inner guru” and unfold the life that our hearts long for. 

This dynamic program offers tools for changing your inner chemistry, profound stress reduction, accessing your inner wisdom and charting a new course in life.

Topics Include

A Life of Spiritual Miracles

Our lives are filled with remarkable miracles and transformative blessings, yet we often fail to see what is right before our eyes. When we cultivate pure presence in every moment the Divine is revealed even in the most mundane of experiences. Opening our eyes to the Grace of Being in every act and circumstance transforms our lives into perpetual spiritual practice.

Explore techniques for sustaining awareness in the present moment, seeing miracles abounding in your life, and living from the heart.

Eight Steps to a Conscious Life

We all want healthier lives, calmer minds, and fuller self-expression. Yet in our fast-paced, overstimulated lives, we often find ourselves reacting to stressful situations with mixtures of anger, fear, anxiety and aversion. Learn to open to the possibilities of every challenge and embrace obstacles as opportunities, act skillfully rather than reacting, and in doing so create better outcomes in your personal and professional life.

Learn the 8 Steps mini-meditation to bring yourself into higher awareness to meet the demands of any situation.

"Brad Willis (Bhava Ram) touched the hearts of our TedX audience while inspiring them to the reach for their own greatness. He left the crowd with the belief that anything is possible. His seminar during the break was overflowing and the comments still come in years later. He is truly an extraordinary man with an amazing life story, and he is fabulous to work with!"

Jack Abbott, Founder TEDxSanDiego

CEO Intelligent Light Source


"Bhava Ram inspires everyone to draw closer to Divine Presence. He is a profound teacher offering tools that help awaken the soul to its highest potential, enabling every individual to live a more joyful life and to help make the world a better place."

Reverend Guy Williams, Spiritual Director

Hilltop Ctr. for Spiritual Living

Bhava Ram

Own Your Power Live Your Truth