Vedic Wisdom

The practices of Yoga (Unification) and Ayurveda (Science of Life) arise from Vedic Wisdom, which is thousands of years old and predates the written word. As modern, western research affirms, these ancient teachings contain a time-tested, evidence-based, holistic pathway for self-healing, personal growth and empowerment that balances the human being on all levels from body to mind to spirit.


Yoga is a multifaceted and complex practice that is far more than the Yoga postures (asanas) most westerners think of when the word Yoga is mentioned. Paired with Ayurveda, it addresses physical flexibility and strength, mental focus, relaxation and inner awareness, nutrition, lifestyle, philosophy and powerful tools for personal growth and manifestation of your fullest potential.​

Self-Directed Biological Transformation

This term was coined by Doctor Deepak Chopra. Through studies and research done by Dr. Chopra and his colleagues in the global scientific community, the deeper practices of Yoga and Ayurvedic science have been validated repeatedly as healing and transformative on all levels. ​

Excerpts from: You Can Transform Your Own Biology by: Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Rudolph Tanzi, Ph.D.

Every day brings new evidence that the mind-body connection reaches right down to the activities of our genes. How this activity changes in response to our life experiences is referred to as “epigenetics.” Regardless of the nature of the genes we inherit from our parents, dynamic change at this level allows us almost unlimited influence on our fate.  Read more...


Epigenetics holds that both your environment and individual lifestyle can directly interact with your genomes to influence genetic change. Every one of the trillions of cells in your bodies has consciousness. Genes change their expression depending on what is happening outside your cells and even outside your body. Therefore, your diet, lifestyle, thoughts, behavioral patterns, and responses to your environment influence the expression of your genes.


It used to be thought that your brain was static, except during certain critical developmental periods, but scientific studies are now showing that your brain is malleable and continually changing in response to your lifestyle, physiology, and environment. This concept is called neuroplasticity, meaning you are literally reforming your brain with each passing day.​

Over the past several decades, modern science has come to realize that these ancient practices often hold vastly more power than western medicine without the high costs, invasive procedures and detrimental side effects of elective surgery, pharmacology and radiology. What was once dismissed in double-blind drug studies as the “placebo effect” is now being understood as the power of the mind to change our inner chemistry down to the level of our DNA.


Cutting edge research shows that a consistent application of this holistic science can promote healing from heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disorders, diabetes and chronic pain. Studies also indicate that these practices can provide significant levels of relief for those facing anxiety, depression, every day stress and traumatic life stress. 


An increasing number of medical universities, hospitals, and treatment centers are integrating Yoga and Ayurveda into their programs with positive levels of success. A growing number of corporations also have realized that providing Yoga to their employees enhances job performance, reduces sick days, and creates a more creative and cooperative work force.


Throughout your entire lifetime, your brain possesses the remarkable ability to reorganize pathways, create new connections and, in some cases, even create new neurons. The message is that, no matter what your circumstance, “You are not stuck. You have the innate capacity to change the wiring of your brain, to alter your inner chemistry, and to effect positive changes down to the genomic level.” This is the essence of mind/body/spirit medicine articulated in modern scientific terms.


Bhava Ram

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