Recovery | Empowerment | Optimal Wellness 

You have an inherent power within you for deep self-healing, vibrant wellness, full expression of your innate creativity and greater realization of your material and spiritual goals. This is your birthright, and you can claim it right now.


Modern, cutting-edge science is continuously discovering that our life choices, on all levels, play a determinant role in our health and wellbeing far beyond our genetic inheritance. In fact, the sciences of epigenetics and neuroplasticity show we have the capacity to positively alter our biology down to the level of our genomes. This is called self-directed biological transformation: Taking charge of our lives, initiating new and sustained patterns of behavior, and therein transforming ourselves. 


The ancient sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda have embodied this wisdom for many millennia, and provided us tools for altering our inner chemistry, increasing our life force, and achieving optimal homeostasis in natural ways that often prove to be far more effective than modern medicine.


I lost my career as a global journalist to a broken back and failed surgery. Then came Stage IV cancer. Facing traumatic stress, depression and addiction, I hit bottom. Close to death, I found a pathway out through taking charge of my life and embracing these mind/body modalities. As a teacher and wellness counselor, I’ve been honored to help guide others find their inner power and effect deep and lasting changes in their lives. I invite you to begin your journey today.

Bhava Ram

Own Your Power Live Your Truth