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I was a war correspondent for NBC News, on the front lines of the Persian Gulf War, inside Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation, covering apartheid in South Africa, drug wars South America, then in charge of Asia.

But for seven years I had a secret: I was in incredible pain. In 1986, I fell from a ledge during a tropical storm and cracked my fifth lumbar vertebra. Painkillers and alcohol kept me going. In 1993, the crack became a break. I had major surgery. It failed. I was confined to a body brace and unable to sit up for a meal.

Four years later my only child, Morgan, was born. As I withdrew into depression, anger and fear, he became my only touchstone to the world. A few months later, I was diagnosed with stage four throat cancer and told I had two years to live... at best. I often couldn’t speak. I ballooned up to 225 pounds, became even darker, and hit the bottom of the abyss.

As my son turned two, he finally became aware that his father was dying. One morning he came to me and said with tears, “Get up, Daddy!” Those three little words cracked my heart wide open. I decided to check into a hospital, detox off the meds and alcohol, and die with dignity, showing my son that his daddy did all he could to pull it together before leaving the world.

The hospital invited me to join a small experimental program blending ancient eastern healing practices with modern, western holistic modalities. One month into it, I began therapeutic Yoga. I don’t know why, but somehow I knew the very first day that Yoga was my path to healing. The cynical journalist still inside of me scoffed. My Soul said otherwise, and fortunately prevailed. Six weeks later, the clinic closed because insurance companies refused to reimburse patient costs. I went home and turned an office in my house into my “Himalayan Cave.” I practiced for hours every day. Yoga postures. Pranayama. Visualization. Meditation. Veganism. Fasting. Ancient purifications. It worked. Two years later I was pain free and cancer free. I took eighty pounds off my body and began to climb rocks as a symbol of clawing my way out of the abyss.

I’m sharing this because I know each and every one of us has an inner power to overcome incredible obstacles, to heal to our maximum capacity, and ultimately manifest our fullest potential. This is the gift of Yoga - the sacred science of how to change our relationship with ourselves and world so that ultimately we change our destiny.

Warrior Pose: 
Bhava Ram’s  memoir of his healing journey through Yoga and Ayurveda.Warrior_Pose.htmlWarrior_Pose.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0



Own Your Power, Live Your Truth