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warrior pose movie

a feature film in 2017

Warrior Pose is soon to be a feature film produced by Wolfgang Cinema.

“Warrior Pose is Indiana Jones merged with Gautama Buddha, a miraculous affirmation of the power of self-healing, a war story, a love story, and a spiritual journey of epic proportion...”   Dr. Emmett Miller, Pioneer Mind/Body Medicine

"Warrior Pose is riveting, beautiful, informative, inspiring, compelling, honest, and so very stirring to my heart strings. I'm recommending it to everyone. It feels like The Autobiography of a (Modern) Yogi."  Professor Marcy Braverman Goldstein, Sanskrit Revolution 

be a warrior for healing

Within each of us is an inherent power to heal to our maximum potential, turn obstacles into opportunities, find our authentic voice, and manifest our fullest potential.

I was a network news war correspondent who lost everything to a broken back, failed surgery, stage four cancer and heavy dependence on prescription drugs. On the brink of death, I discovered holistic practices that helped me fully heal. Through these same techniques, you can reduce stress, enhance your own healing, empower yourself and become the master of your life.

My Mastery of Life programs, based on the deeper mind/body/spirit science of Yoga, offer you a pathway towards wholeness, vibrancy, and self-empowerment.

As an introduction, I invite you to try my Instant Stress Buster and experience the power of this easy to use guided meditation.

join the movement

I’m so honored to announce the establishment of the Warriors for Healing Foundation. This is the realization of a project that has been in my heart ever since I was a war correspondent, and is now coming to fruition.

Traumatic Stress is devastating and impacts tens of thousands of our heroes and their families. Join me in a national movement of Yoga in Action, of selfless service to our veterans, and help us share the miraculous healing science of Yoga with a wider audience across the country.

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