warrior pose movie

a feature film in 2016

Warrior Pose is soon to be a feature film produced by Wolfgang Cinema.

“Warrior Pose is Indiana Jones merged with Gautama Buddha, a miraculous affirmation of the power of self-healing, a war story, a love story, and a spiritual journey of epic proportion...”   Dr. Emmett Miller, Pioneer Mind/Body Medicine

"Warrior Pose is riveting, beautiful, informative, inspiring, compelling, honest, and so very stirring to my heart strings. I'm recommending it to everyone. It feels like The Autobiography of a (Modern) Yogi."  Professor Marcy Braverman Goldstein, Sanskrit Revolution 

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Within each of us is an inherent power to heal to our maximum potential, turn obstacles into opportunities, find our authentic voice, and manifest our fullest potential. Vedic Wisdom, from which the transformative sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda arise, offers us a time-tested pathway towards wholeness, vibrancy, and self-empowerment that has never been more relevant than it is for our modern times.

Through Vedic Wisdom you can reduce the stress that permeates our fast-paced lives, create a different inner alchemy that promotes healing, and become the master of your life. This is the essence of being a Spiritual Warrior which provides a journey to your inner-guru... for the greatest teacher and guide you will ever meet dwells within you.


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